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Realizing that our reputation is only as good as the lines we represent, we’ve aligned Brewer Street Boatworks only with those outboard power manufacturers whose track records mesh with our own commitment to excellence.

Brewer Street Boatworks Owner, Skip Helme, expresses why he is loyal to Suzuki and Yamaha engine lines, recognizing Suzuki as an innovative leader in 4-stroke technology, and Yamaha as the most dominant figure in the industry. Due to a mutual respect for both companies devotion to their customers, Skip is unable to choose one line over the other, but draws a connection between the successes of both companies and BSBW, as businesses that care equally about their products and customers.

Running on some of the country’s most volatile waters, you expect a lot from your engines, whether you’re cruising Narragansett Bay with your family, or charging 100 miles south of Block [...]

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While other manufacturers invested the bulk of research and development resources in exploring new two-stroke technology to comply with clean-air standards, Suzuki Marine stuck to the technology that put them at [...]

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