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Quality. Commitment. Integrity.

It’s hard not to wonder, looking at the awesome sweep of used boats on the market, just who owned a boat last, where they went, and—most importantly—how they treated their floating investment.

This is exactly why so many buyers have come to trust BSBW’s sales knowledge and technical expertise. Simply stated, we can help you find the right boat at the right price, then support your purchase with the same first-class service we extend to every customer.

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Realizing that our reputation is only as good as the lines we represent, we’ve aligned Brewer Street Boatworks only with those outboard power manufacturers whose track records mesh with our own commitment to excellence…

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In the constantly evolving realm of marine electronics, you now have access to an almost alarming amount of useful (often vital) information–right at your fingertips. Whether you’re trying to dial in on concentrations of feeding gamefish…

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