Brewer Street BoatWorks


Brewer Street Boatworks is Rhode Island's established recreational dealer of Zodiac boats and liferafts.

Zodiac has been mastering air and water exploration with a truly innovative approach since its creation in 1896.

Zodiac Nautic finds its orgins in the “Zodiac airships and aviation French company”, specialized in the production of airships. In the 1930s Pierre Debroutelle, one of its engineers, invented one of the first prototypes of inflatable boats for the Aéronavale, who were looking for innovative and easy solution for military transport.

This change from air to sea brought worldwide recognition to Zodiac. In the 1960s, the company turned to the leisure industry to accommodate the “vacationers” and their growing interest in recreational boating.

With a history of unrivalled experience, Zodiac Nautic’s origin is closely tied to all major innovations in the sector of inflatable boats. Today we are the world leader in inflatable products and services.

Take part in the legend!