Brewer Street BoatWorks


Running on some of the country’s most volatile waters, you expect a lot from your engines, whether you’re cruising Narragansett Bay with your family, or charging 100 miles south of Block Island in search of autumn yellowfins. It’s not just about raw power. It’s about efficiency and above all else it’s about reliability. From compact portables to V-8 offshore powerhouses, award-winning Yamaha Outboards don’t just talk about performance—they’ve proven it for decades, leading the field in overall customer satisfaction and value.

While Yamaha four-stroke power fits most outboard-powered boats seamlessly, it’s with Century—Brewer Street Boatworks’ keystone line—that you’ll see the full range of Yamaha’s world-class performance. Each Century hull is engineered specifically for a Yamaha power plant, marrying engine performance with boat design, and capitalizing on every ounce of power and efficiency a Yamaha four-stroke can deliver.