Brewer Street BoatWorks


While other manufacturers invested the bulk of research and development resources in exploring new two-stroke technology to comply with clean-air standards, Suzuki Marine stuck to the technology that put them at the top of their field: tough, powerful, precision-engineered four-stroke power, with an unshakable track record of reliability and performance.

For Brewer Street customers, that means the largest all-four-stroke lineup, from small-but-feisty 2.5hp portables, to Suzuki’s flagship four-liter, 300hp powerhouse V6. Whatever your hull’s power plant needs, one of Suzuki’s twenty models — maybe two if you’re pushing a sleek, canyon-worthy center console — will fit the bill.

Most importantly, from the initial sale right through progressing seasons of ownership, Brewer Street Boatworks will stand behind each Suzuki that leaves the showroom.